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       Northern Arizona Substance Abuse Services fundamental belief is that every client has the right to live their lives the way they choose.  We sincerely believe that use is not abuse.  A legal conviction for DUI, Possession of whatever or Disorderly Conduct does not mean that a client is an addict or an abuser.  We promise to treat every client as an individual and always respect their right to choose.  Whether you are struggling to create a sober life for yourself or simply want to learn to never get in trouble with the law again, we are dedicated to creating a counseling environment based on each individual clients desires.  We are primarily focused on helping each client create the type of life they want for themselves.  We are committed to counseling practices which are based on research and evidence, not personal morality.  Our practice is designed to reflect our values of respect, acceptance, personal accountability and the unshakeable belief that our clients are capable of any change they truly wish to accomplish. 

       To eliminate the negative consequences of excessive or illegal usage of alcohol or other drugs for our clients.  To help our clients create a rational and responsible relationship with alcohol and other drugs based on each clients personal choice.  To help our clients create fulfilling lives of their own choosing. 

       NASAS shall be an ever-expanding and ever-improving agency that continually responds to the needs of the client, of the community and of our staff. We are committed to constant improvement of our knowledge and skills to be effective facilitators of positive change. Our values of honesty, accountability, acceptance, and respect serve as the mainstay of our practice. NASAS will frequently self-evaluate and make the needed corrections to meet the challenges of continually providing exemplary services.

       NASAS believes that substance use issues, domestic violence and anger management issues are complex problems with multiple causes that require a multi-focus approach to assessment, intervention and treatment. Every client who comes to our agency is an individual with his or her own specific strengths, resources, life experiences, problems and coping skills. Our goal is to facilitate the change process in the client system, by providing services that seek to understand the client's wants and needs, and to empower them to move toward emotional health and well being.

       We believe our job is to provide excellent, individually defined professional services. We utilize a variety of intervention strategies based on evidence and not personal morality.  We believe that counseling should be an amalgam of any technique that works.  While we are fundamentally based in the concepts of Person Centered Counseling we also heavily rely on the fundamentals Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   Our practice includes, but is not limited, to utilizing elements of Harm Reduction, Feminist, REBT, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, 12-step philosophy, Rational Recovery and Moderation Management theory.  We believe that being able to offer different strategies allows us to respond to the unique, individual needs of each client system.
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