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      Northern Arizona Substance Abuse Services (NASAS) is a licensed outpatient substance abuse and general mental health agency (License #CSLG 7474). Our director is a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor with the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health as well as being certified as a Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselor by the National Association of Forensic Counselors and a Master Addictions Counselor by the National Certification Committee for Addiction Professionals. NASAS provides screening/assessment, individual & group counseling, education and treatment services. Our mission is to help our clients reduce the harm their use of substances causes in their lives. Our goal is to accept every person who walks through our door as an individual with the right to determine the type of treatment they want.  Our promise is to always respect our clients right to live their lives the way they choose.
      The following is a brief description of our services and our fee scale. Please call, (928) 773-9376 or toll-free (888) 552-0954 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Our office is located at 2559 E 7th Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ 86004.

Alcohol Screening/Assessment: This is a private, confidential, individual session with the client to determine what kind of treatment is needed, or in the case of court or DMV referrals, what treatment is required to satisfy state requirements. Fee = $50

Level II (16-hour) DUI/SA Education: NASAS provides Levels II, 16-hour, class which offers information on the physical, emotional, social, financial and cognitive effects of drinking alcohol and using drugs. Fee = $140.

Level I (minimum 36-hour) DUI/SA Treatment Program: This meets Behavioral Health Standards for the Level I DUI program. It consists of the Level II education and a minimum of 20-hours of group sessions. This program is for clients who need more than an education course to satisfy state requirements or who are looking for a help redefining their relationship with drugs or alcohol.. Fee = $415 for 36-hours. Payment plan is available.

Substance Abuse (Danger of Drugs) Class: This is an 8-hour class for clients referred for first time alcohol or drug related offenses other than DUI. This class will also give others who are interested in learning more about the current laws and research regarding the use of alcohol or other drugs. Fee = $65.

MVD Evaluations: This is a substance abuse assessment for clients attempting to have their driver's license reinstated after revocation. Fee = $140.

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Intervention Program: Required screening/assessment $60. This is a 26/36/52 session program, for clients who have been cited or convicted of offenses such as assault, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, etc. We have male and female group sessions available. Fee = minimum $520 (26-sessions). Additional fees apply for 36/52 sessions. Payment plan is available.

ASAAC: Anger: Self-Awareness, Accountability and Change (Anger Management): This is a 16-hour experiential workshop to assist clients in identifying and changing their self-defeating patterns of anger and aggression. Fee = $160

Substance Abuse Group: NASAS provides non-intensive substance abuse intervention group sessions.  These sessions are offered in both harm reduction (control rather than sober) and sober life models.  The minimum in most cases is #10 2-hour group sessions. We can accommodate up to 30 group sessions if recommended by the referral source. Fee = $25 per 2-hour group session.

NASAS Fees: All fees are payable in cash, money order, credit/debit and are due at the time of service, unless a payment plan has been arranged. No certificates of completion shall be issued until all fees are paid. NASAS reserves that right to discharge a client for failure to pay their fees within a reasonable period of time. If a client is discharged for non-payment of fees he/she will be reported non-compliant to the referral source. In some cases, NASAS reserves the right to charge additional fees for re-admission, missed sessions without prior notification, and repeated missed sessions. These circumstances will be discussed at the time of admission.

NASAS is an Arizona Department of Health Services/Division of Behavioral Health Licensure licensed provider for mental health & substance abuse intervention services #CSLG7474.
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